Data Privacy Day 2020

It’s January 28th which means it’s Data Privacy Day!

Today is an important day for the Matomo team as we reflect on our mission and our goals for 2020. This year I wanted to send a video message to all Matomo users, community members and customers. 

Check it out (full transcript below)

A video message from Matomo founder, Matthieu Aubry

Privacy-friendly alternatives

Video transcript

Hey everyone,

Matthieu here, Founder of Matomo.

Today is one of the most significant days of the year for the Matomo team – it’s Data Privacy Day. And so I wanted to quickly reflect on our mission and the significance of this day. 

In today’s busy online world where data is king, this day is an important reminder of being vigilant in protecting our personal information online.

Matomo began 12 years ago as an open-source alternative to Google Analytics – the goal was, and still is to give full control of data back to users. 

In 2020, we are determined to see through this commitment. We will keep building a powerful and ethical web analytics platform that focuses on privacy protection, data ownership, and provides value to all Matomo users and customers.

And what’s fantastic is to see the rise of other quality software companies offering privacy-friendly alternatives for web browsers, search engines, file sharing, email providers, all with a similar mission. And with these products now widely available, we encourage you to take back control of all your online activities and begin this new decade with a resolution to stay safe online.

I’ll provide you with some links below the video to check out these privacy-friendly alternatives. If you have a website and want to gain valuable insights on the visitors while owning your data, join us! 

Matomo Analytics On-Premise is and always will be free to download and install on your own servers and on your own terms.

Also feel free to join our active community or spread the word to your friends and network about the importance of data privacy.

Thank you all and wishing you a great 2020!

For more information on how Matomo protects the privacy of your users, visit:

Do you have privacy concerns?

What better day than today to speak up! What privacy concerns have you experienced?

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