Piwik Analytics becomes Matomo to reflect Users’ Privacy Focus

One of the world’s leading analytics software platforms is changing its name. Piwik is the sixth most-used web and mobile analytics computer solution worldwide. It is now changing its name to Matomo.

The name change comes after 10 years of Piwik building its top analytics software, with great success. It is already used on over one million websites in more than 170 countries. Matomo will build on that success, and focus even more on privacy.

‘Privacy has become a huge concern worldwide’, says Matomo’s creator, Matthieu Aubry. ‘Privacy legislation is being developed in Europe, and we will be ahead of the game in being ready for those changes. We’ll grow in line with the law and regulation changes.’

Matomo will lead the way in openness and transparency for its users. Its new name means decent in Japanese.
‘Matomo will always be free and community-driven, just as Piwik was’, says Matthieu Aubry. ‘We have worked with hundreds of people to create the best open digital analytics solution in the world. We’re committed to giving every user full control of their data.’

The change of name is appropriate as the Matomo platform moves into a new stage of growth. But for its community, little will obviously change. The same people will still be involved, and users will still get useful data to improve their own website. That data includes who visits their site, what they do there, how long they stay, and what they buy.
Matomo is an all-in-one analytics solution that gives companies a 360 degree view of their users.

‘They can grow their business while still keeping 100% ownership of their data, and being fully compliant with privacy laws’, says Matthieu Aubry. ‘We’re more motivated than ever to building on that, so that Matomo stays ahead of the pack.’

The platform can be fully customised with hundreds of plug-ins, integrations and configurations.

Matomo’s updated website and new logo is now available on https://matomo.org.
For further information, please contact the Matomo Team on hello@matomo.org

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