3 hidden Matomo features you likely don’t know, that will make you more productive

At Matomo (Piwik) and at InnoCraft, we always aim to make features as intuitive as possible. Having thousands of features in Matomo and having to find a balance between beginners and advanced users can sometimes be a challenge. Sometimes this even leads to building hidden features that are mainly targeted for power users. The list below shows three of them, did you know any of them yet?

BTW: If you don’t have Matomo yet, you can try them on our Matomo Demo.

1. Search

When you press the letter “f”, it will activate the search bar in the top left. Once you start typing something, it will show matching reports. Say you want to view reports about “devices” but don’t remember exactly which category it is in, simply start typing “devices” and the matching entry will show up without even having to move the mouse.

The search bar also searches for matching websites and segments. Use the arrow up and down keys to select the entry you want and press enter to confirm the selection.

Say you don’t remember the name of a report but you know it is listed under the category “Visitor”, then start typing the name of the category and it will show all related reports.

2. Zen Mode

When you press the letter “z”, it will activate the Zen Mode which lets you focus on the reports and content by removing the header and left menu. To disable the Zen Mode, simply press “z” again.

This is especially useful in combination with the search bar mentioned above, as it enables you to quickly switch between reports, websites and segments even while menu and header are hidden.

3. Faster period change

Changing the displayed period is a task you likely perform quite often when analyzing reports. Usually, you would first select the period and then press the button “Apply” in the date selector. Instead, you can simply double click the name of the period and it will immediately load the selected period without having to click on the “Apply” button.

What are your hidden features in Matomo?

Let us know by getting in touch with us or share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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