Announcement: Matomo to focus on Reliability, Performance and Security

To our valued team and community,

Well, we have moved fast and achieved so much during the past few months. Relentlessly releasing major version after major version… We got a lot done including several major new features!

The speed of adding new features was a great showcase of how agile our small teams and the larger community are. And I’m so proud to see automated testing becoming common practice among everyone hacking on Matomo!

For the next few months until the new year we will focus on making what we have better. We will fix those rare but longstanding critical bugs, and aim to solve all Major issues and other must-have performance and general improvements. The core team and Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) Experts will have the vision of making the existing Matomo and all plugins very stable and risk free. This includes edge cases, general bugs but also specific performance issues for high traffic or issues with edge case data payloads.

We’ll be more pro-active and take Matomo platform to the next level of Performance, Security, Privacy & Reliability! We will prove to the world that Free/Libre Web software can be of the highest standard of quality. By focusing on quality we will make Matomo even easier to maintain and improve in the future. We are building the best open platform that will let every user liberate their data and keep full control of it.

If you have any feedback or questions get in touch or let’s continue the discussion in the forum.

Thank you for your trust and for liberating your data with Matomo,

Matthieu Aubry
Matomo founder

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This is an amazing testament of the power of free/libre software and yet we think this is just the beginning. We hope more developers will join and contribute to Matomo!

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