Matomo is now using Github issues as our Issue Tracker!

This is an announcement regarding the Issue Tracker used for the software projects within the growing Matomo (Piwik) ecosystem. We are excited to announce that Matomo has migrated from Trac to now using Github issues for managing our issues!

More than 5,400 tickets and 20,000+ comments from 1,000+ users were migrated to Github. Read on for more information.

Where do I find Matomo Issue Tracker?

Benefits of using Github Issues for our projects

There are several advantages of moving to Github issues:

  • Faster and responsive user interface
  • Better cross-project referencing of issues
  • Ability to notify people with the @username functionality
  • No spam
  • Integration with Pull requests and our Git repository

How do I get notifications for all Matomo tickets?

To receive notifications for new tickets or new comments in Matomo, go to, then click the Watch button at the top of the page.

In Github, watching a repository lets you follow new commits, pull requests, and issues that are created.

How do I report a bug in Matomo?
See Submitting a bug report.

How do I suggest a new feature?
See Submitting a feature request.

Next steps

At Matomo we care a lot about Data ownership. For this reason we need to have an up to date copy of all our tickets and comments out of servers. Our next step will be to create and release as open source a tool to let anyone create a Mirror of their Github issues. See #5299.

For more information about the Trac->migration, see #5273.

We look forward to reading your issues on Github!

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