Mobile Analytics SDK: beta release of Matomo iOS SDK

Mattias Levin, a Mobile developer enthusiast from Sweden, has released the first public beta version of the official Matomo (Piwik) SDK for iOS!

If you are building apps for iOS or OSX, you will be able to track your App usage with Matomo. Learn more in this blog post.

Apps & Mobile apps Analytics

Using Matomo to track your app usage would give interesting statistics usage such as:

  • number of active users (per day, week, month, …) of my mobile or desktop app,
  • how long users spend in the app,
  • track which icons, buttons are clicked (or any other custom event),
  • record device info, operating system,
  • reports on any Custom Variables you that are relevant to your app (see examples below),
  • how often is the app opened? When and how long is the app opened?
  • number of new users, active users, total users,
  • record errors or exception thrown

Matomo SDK for iOS

The PiwikTracker is an Objective-C framework (for iOS and OSX) designed to send app usage data to a Matomo analytics server. It is realeased under MIT license. Matomo server is a downloadable, Free/Libre (GPLv3 licensed) real time analytics platform.

Getting started

  1. Create a new website in the Matomo web interface called “My App”. Copy the Website ID and the token_auth.
  2. Download the PiwikTracker SDK.
  3. Add the PiwikTracker files to your project.
  4. Create and configure the PiwikTracker.
  5. Add code in your app to track screen views, events, exceptions, goals and more
  6. Let the dispatch timer dispatch pending events to the Matomo server, or dispatch events manually.

For more info, check out the Readme.


The latest PiwikTracker version uses ARC and support iOS6+ and OSX 10.7+.

  • iOS tracker depends on: Core Data, Core Location, Core Graphics, UIKit and AFNetworking.
  • OSX tracker depends on: Core Data, Core Graphics, Cocoa and AFNetworking.

Demo project

The workspace contains an iPhone demo app that uses and demonstrates the features available in the SDK.

Example demo screen shoot

Feedback needed

If you use the iOS SDK to track your app, we would like to hear your suggestions, bug reports or general feedback.

We hope to work with you to improve the SDK and move it out of beta!

Please report suggestions, bugs, feature requests in the Github Issues at Matomo iOS SDK.

Happy App Analytics!

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