If you need to serve ads on your website, check out OpenX Ad Server 2.8!

As a Matomo (Piwik) user, you are analyzing your website traffic. You are using the data to make your website better and increase its performance. Do you need to make money from your website? Do you need to serve ads? Would you like to serve ads from several ad networks, with advanced targeting options, extensive reporting on your ads performance… and serve these ads on multiple websites?

Serving ads on your website(s)

If you need to make money with ads on your website(s), check out OpenX ad server 2.8. The new version released earlier this week brings lots of new features and improvements!

  • You can easily manage your ad inventory: manage advertisers, websites, all ads formats supported.
  • Deliver what you want to whom you want: target users by country, campaigns frequency, and much more!
  • Measure the performance of your ads: check out the extensive set of reports provides statistics on your websites and ad zones as well as your advertisers and ad campaigns, broken down by conversions, revenue, and more.

There are lots of options available and the product is available for download for you to install on your own server, or as a hosted version where you can get started and start serving ads in a few minutes!

Check out the OpenX Ad Server options:

Video Tutorial

Getting Started with OpenX from OpenX Limited on Vimeo.

OpenX Screenshots

Campaign screen:

Link a banner to one or several of your website zones (ad slots):

Reporting screen:

OpenX Market

Finally, if you use OpenX, you can earn more money by monetizing your ad space using the OpenX Market.

OpenX Market is a new monetization service that provides you with a powerful way to expand your reach to advertisers who’d like to bid directly for your ad impressions. This means more advertisers will get to compete for your ad space, which translates into higher revenues for you, the publisher. Learn more about the OpenX Market and check out the Video Tutorial

An Intro to OpenX Market from OpenX Limited on Vimeo.

OpenX and Matomo

OpenX is the company behind the open source software program Matomo (Piwik). The project leader (Matt) is employed by OpenX. Also, web analytics and ad serving are tightly coupled and we could imagine in the future some interesting integration between your adserving software and web analytics. You can learn more about OpenX and Matomo by reading the FAQ.

Have fun using Matomo… and making money using OpenX! Let us know what you think of 2.8 in the comments.

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