How to setup a complete PHP development environment on Windows

We are in the process of making it as easy as possible for new developers to join us in making Matomo (Piwik) the best open source web analytics software. We are doing our best writing documentation so people get an overview of the project and can get started without pain.

In this process we wrote a little article “How to setup Eclipse + PHP + Debug on Windows” ; it gives the directions to install Web server (php/mysql) + Eclipse + PHP support + SVN support + Debugging tools (to breakpoint, print variable, etc. in php code). Following this article it should take less than 1 hour to have a working development environment and be able to debug your PHP code.

We are now working on documentation concerning the software architecture, how Matomo works for storing the visitors information, how the files are organized within the project, etc. Stay tuned!

More information on the development page.

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