Gain valuable insights, respect the privacy of your students and faculty members, and have 100% ownership of your data

Gain actionable insights to ensure limited resources are allocated most effectively to get the best outcomes for both educational institutions and students. With Matomo Analytics you have a cost-effective way of tracking several websites (hundreds if need be), Intranet sites and portals, and it’s designed to be easy to use.

For many websites in the education sector, providing valuable information to students and faculty is of utmost importance

It’s also critical to make sure their details are protected. On top of that, you have to deal with the pressure of making sure the institution’s budget is spent wisely. But how do you know where on your website users get stuck? What are people looking for on your site? And how do you keep costs down?

With Matomo you get the chance to learn more and gain a deeper understanding about whether your website is or isn’t serving students and faculty members. Whether you’re working for a university, college or high school, understanding patterns of behaviours is still the most powerful way of figuring out how best to meet the needs of your pupils and staff members.

Why educational institutions choose Matomo:

Peace of mind

✔ User-Privacy Protection – Matomo is trusted and used by industries that have strict compliance and data privacy regulations to ensure that their user’s privacy is protected.

✔ Reliable & Secure – Security is a top priority at Matomo. As potential issues are discovered, we validate, patch and release fixes as quickly as we can. We have a security bug bounty programme in place that rewards researchers for finding security issues and disclosing them to us.

✔ No data limits – When you use Matomo On-Premise, It’s totally up to you how much data you store and for how long. This means you can get insights of hundreds of websites under your institution’s umbrella: intranet sites, mobile apps, portals etc. No other tool will give you the freedom to gain insights without limitations which is a big bonus for businesses with demanding data requirements.

Peace of mind
Hos On-Premise

Host your analytics On-Premise

Options to host your analytics on your own infrastructure is often limited with other tools, but by choosing to host your web analytics with Matomo On-Premise you can do just that and stay in full control of your data. Education institutions handle very sensitive student and faculty information, so this is crucial to ensure the safety of those you’re responsible for.

The On-Premise hosting option means Matomo is freely accessible. This will suit your board’s preferences for keeping costs down and making the most of a free resource. However, premium features are also available if you have a little more budget to take your basic On-Premise account to the next level for a better optimised site.

100% data ownership

With Matomo, you have full control with 100% data ownership. Because On-Premise hosting ensures that your data is stored in your own servers, you can trust Matomo knowing with certainty that no third-parties are looking in and gaining access to critical data.

Data ownership
Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization and behaviour

By truly learning about how your students and faculty members are behaving on your site, you can make sure the experience is optimised so you’re anticipating what students need and serving them best. Matomo’s tools help paint a picture of how well your site is doing in maintaining the attention of your visitors and getting them to where they need to get to on your sites. When sites are well optimised your users can gain the most value out of all the information you’re providing to them.

You get to find out what content (headlines, copy, actionable items, layout of pages) connects and just as importantly, what doesn’t connect and what distracts them leading to their abandonment of the site all together.


A strong focus point for the Matomo team is designing an analytics platform that users can easily navigate through with minimal manual work to get the insights you need.

✔ User-centric insights

✔ Comes out-of-the-box with minimal manual configuration

✔ Smooth navigation through Matomo’s easy-to-use interface

Matomo is easy to use
Analytics for your Intranet

Intranet Analytics

Matomo (Piwik) lets you access reports showing how your Intranet content is accessed across your internal sites, so you can learn to improve the content and experience for your users and colleagues using the websites. It provides overview of traffic and general patterns and insights, as well as allowing to drill down to visitor paths.

You can track several websites, and even track Intranet sites and portals, a popular feature among government departments and universities.

GDPR Manager

Matomo offers an advanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Manager to ensure websites are fully compliant with the new regulation.

As the GDPR continues to evolve, you can be assured that Matomo will be at the forefront of these changes to create a safer web experience for everyone.

GDPR Manager


Matomo easily integrates with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Forums, Frameworks and more. This includes integration with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint and Moodle.

Matomo's other recommendations​

Flexible and open-source – Matomo has grown to become the #1 open-source and community-driven web analytics platform in the world. Because On-Premise hosting option gives you open-source access to manipulate the source code, you can make it look and work the way your institution needs it to.

If you’ve got a vision for a tool and want it to be compatible with your requirements, get a developer to work their magic and customise it suit.

Site search – to show what terms people are searching for most, for example,  which page is most visited to show what students need most help with.

Rollup reporting –  lets you combine multiple accounts, websites into the one view which makes reporting across multiple departments super convenient.

"At Coventry University, research is integral to the corporate plan and we produce research which reflects our commitment to Excellence with Impact. The project website is one of the important ways to generate or deliver the impact to the society. Hence, we have implemented the Matomo platform to help our researchers have a better understanding of their audience. Matomo is such a flexible system, instead of passively receiving web traffic reports, researchers at Coventry are proactively using plugins like A/B Testing to improve the number of times their websites get visited. Moreover, by using the APIs provided by Matomo, they even integrate it with their own system to generate integrating outputs in the behavioural science research. From the IT perspective, Matomo is easy to deploy and maintain, and more importantly, as a self-hosted solution we have the full control of the data."