If your digital marketing agency is focused on a ROI game-plan then enhanced reporting from your web analytics is essential

A powerful and accurate analytics tool lets you understand your clients’ users, measure success, drive strategy and transform your clients’ businesses. Your team can show its true value with strategic data-decisions backed up by sound reporting. Don’t miss out on key insights that could have brought great returns to your clients.

The game changer with Matomo - a complete analytics tool that helps you figure out all the metrics to show you’re achieving the outcomes your clients want to see

Typically you’ll find either a web analytics or a conversion tool. Rarely do you see both in one. This means you get all the tools in one that your team will find easy to use; help maximise the conversion rates for your clients; and provide value to your agency and clients with actionable insights.

Matomo Analytics is here to help your digital agency impress with comprehensive reporting which guides effective decision-making to steer your team toward successful marketing campaigns. 

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Why digital marketing agencies choose Matomo:

White Label branding - perfect for agencies.

Your agency can update reports and the Matomo interface to suit your clients’ tastes and to make it fall in line with yours or their branding. Simply change the logo, favicon and header colours with a few clicks.

Having the option to take out all Matomo branding gives you an opportunity to sell it as your own branded service or use your client’s branding to make it their own.

white label
Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Gain confidence with data sensitive clients – Do you have clients or potential clients you want to win over in the banking, government, healthcare, education or other industries that require you to be data-sensitive? Stand out to them by ensuring you’re protecting their privacy with Matomo.

Flexibility – On both our Cloud and On-Premise hosting options, you get 100% data ownership. Cloud hosting gives you the freedom and hassle-free benefits of having hosting and data storage taken care of. For maximum flexibility, On-Premise can suit agencies that want to fully customise Matomo Analytics to their liking.

Security – Here you can also feel secure knowing Matomo is hosted on your own servers and infrastructure. Options to host your analytics on your own infrastructure is often limited with other tools, but by choosing to host your web analytics with Matomo On-Premise you can do just that.

Complete Analytics

Here’s a platform that’s so flexible and customisable to suit all of your analytics needs. Matomo has the features to ensure your team has one of the best platforms to work with. Think Visitor Profiles, Enhanced SEO, Custom Reporting, Campaign Tracking on top of all our conversion optimization tools.

Conversion optimization features – your efforts will be amplified. You can maximise conversions from existing website traffic. You do this by discovering and fixing pain points of where visitors may be getting lost and learning what content or page layouts connect with visitors. The results are incredibly easy to understand as you can visualise the results at a glance through Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Form Analytics, A/B Testing, Funnels and Goals.

Roll-up reporting

Agencies working with multiple clients will find this essential. Combine multiple apps, websites and properties into the one view which makes reporting across multiple websites or clients super convenient.

When presenting results to clients, this can be a useful way to show a roundup of the months successes.

Flexibility with open-source

So much you can do, so little time! Because you have open-source access to manipulate the source code on the On-Premise hosting option, you can create an analytics tool that looks and works the way you want and need it to.

If you’ve got a vision for a tool and want it to be compatible with your agency, get a developer to work their magic and customise it all to your agency’s preference.

Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking

How effective is marketing in bringing in sales? Campaign tracking in Matomo Analytics lets you track how efficient various marketing campaigns are in bringing visitors to your website (visits, page views, etc.), how well these visitors convert and how much revenue they generate. 

With Campaign Tracking you can track the performance of every single ad you create, every social media post, every link in your edm; which lets you see exactly which messaging and content is resonating with your audience.

No data sampling

Did you know that accurate data reporting is often capped when using a tool like Google Analytics?

Meaning once your website traffic reaches a certain limit, the data then becomes a guess rather than factual. If you’re working with clients who have large data sets this means you’re limited to less accurate reporting as you’ll be working with sampled data. Read more here.

At Matomo, we believe all data should be reported 100% accurately, or else what’s the point?

How does Matomo further compare to Google Analytics 360?

Data Sampling Matomo vs Google Analytics. Matomo is 100% accurate.


Matomo easily integrates with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Forums, Frameworks and more. This includes integration with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint and Moodle.

Matomo's other recommendations​

Visitor Profiles – helps you to understand your visitors’ individual behavior by summarising and listing your visitors’ entire history.

Log Analytics – You can use server log analytics as an alternative method for tracking your website’s users if the Javascript tracking method isn’t feasible or if you need to comply with strict security policies.

Custom Reporting – With Custom Reporting you can open up a whole new world of insights. Choose from over 200 different dimensions and metrics to get the insights you need in just seconds.

Embed reports in your own dashboards and apps – Gain insights from external websites or apps where you can embed an iframe tag. Learn more

Matomo community

"This tool (Matomo) without a doubt, is a serious contender of Google Analytics and serious threat to GA Premium. My primary reason to use Matomo is to get the unsampled data, though it provides many other benefits over GA like full ownership of the analytics data. If your website gets lots of traffic and you can't afford an enterprise level tool like GA premium then Matomo is your best choice. I would even go ahead and say, why spend $150K a year (even if you can afford to) on GA premium, if there are better cheaper alternatives available."