Matomo’s complete range of analytics features will help turn your website into a lead generating and customer conversion machine.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity, saas security or security training company, the game changer for you is with Matomo’s ability to provide a reliable resource for smart decision-making as well as be a safeguard to ensure privacy and data protection.

A powerhouse analytics tool will set you on the right path to increase conversions while proving you take user privacy and security seriously

As websites continue to be one of the most powerful lead generating tactics to turn visitors into leads and customers, you need to ensure you’re able to find easy, simple fixes from your analytics to ensure measurable, effective outcomes that have huge financial returns.

Getting Matomo also means getting 100% ownership of the data on your website. The result is no privacy risks for your users as you are in full control of that information (yours and theirs). Show your potential clients you’re up to the challenge of protecting their online lives by first protecting their data on your website.

Analytics for security businesses

Why do security businesses choose Matomo?

Conversion optimization

Matomo’s conversion optimization features are there to maximise the impact of your website on your bottom line. You do this by discovering and fixing pain points of where visitors may be getting lost and learning what content or page layouts connect with your visitors.

Conversion optimization paints a picture of how well your site is doing in maintaining the attention of your visitors and in how strategic you have been in order to get them moving through to the outcome you want.

Features such as Heatmaps, A/B Testing, Funnels and Goals play an important part in helping you figure out behavioural patterns to make adjustments on what is or is not working to get visitors through to sale.

Conversion optimization
Form analytics

Form Analytics

Fact – you are losing a high % of your visitors on the forms that lead to conversions.

Thankfully, you can now identify and fix pain points on the forms that are most important to the success of your business.

Form Analytics gives you powerful insights into how your visitors interact with your forms. The plugin adds many new segments, reports and widgets to your Matomo that help you find the pain points in your forms.

Self-Host Matomo Analytics On-Premise

Matomo Analytics is hosted on your own servers and infrastructure. Options to host your analytics on your own infrastructure is often limited with other tools, but by choosing to host your web analytics with Matomo On-Premise you can do just that and stay in full control of your data.

This is beneficial for companies that need to stay in control of very sensitive information. The option to have premium features means you can take your basic On-Premise account to the next level for a better optimised site.

On-Premise Analytics
Data ownership

100% data ownership

With Matomo, you have full control with 100% data ownership. Security companies working with very sensitive information can trust Matomo knowing with certainty that no third-parties are looking in and gaining access to that data.

This allows clients to feel safe knowing you are taking measures to ensure their data is protected.

Peace of mind

Gain confidence with data-sensitive clients – Do you have clients or potential clients you want to win over in the banking, government, healthcare, education or other industries that require you to be data-sensitive?

Matomo is used by industries that have strict compliance and data privacy regulations to ensure that their user’s privacy is protected. You can move forward with head held high, knowing you’re joining an ever-expanding list of such data and security-aware companies and governments from around the world who have put their trust in Matomo.

Security – Security is a top priority at Matomo. As potential issues are discovered, we validate, patch and release fixes as quickly as we can. We have a security bug bounty programme in place that rewards researchers for finding security issues and disclosing them to us.

Peace of mind
GDPR Manager

GDPR Manager

Matomo offers an advanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Manager to ensure websites are fully compliant with the new regulation. As the GDPR continues to evolve, you can be assured that Matomo will be at the forefront of these changes to create a safer web experience for everyone.

Matomo ensures its customers are fully GDPR compliant with Matomo’s GDPR Manager which allows you to meet your users needs when they request:

✔ Right of access
✔ Right to withdraw consent
✔ Supports “Do Not Track”
✔ Right to data portability
✔ Right to object
✔ Delete historical data
✔ Right to erasure
✔ Anonymising features
✔ Anonymise historical data

Matomo's other recommendations​

Security businesses can also look into:

Log Analytics – You can use server log analytics as an alternative method for tracking your website’s users if the Javascript tracking method isn’t feasible or if you need to comply with strict security policies.

Visitor profiles – Discover the entire history of actions that individual users have taken on your website to see what a lifetime journey looks like. Visitor Profiles gives you the full story of every user who visits your website including all the actions they took, their location, browser and devices used. You will learn why users visit often but never convert, or on the contrary, learn what drives some users to convert more quickly than others.

Site search – to show what terms people are searching for most. Which page is most visited to show the effectiveness of policies – that people are trying to find out more about particular initiatives

Downloads – what users are downloading off the website.

Outlinks – where users are clicking away from on the website

Matomo Community

"As one of the leading secure and private email solutions attaches the utmost importance to security and respect for privacy. We therefore selected Matomo as our open source digital analytics platform, in order to track traffic on our commercial site while preserving total control of the data and fully respect the privacy of our users."