100% Data Ownership

Never worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands again.

Analytics data is yours to own

Your Matomo Analytics data is 100% yours to own, with no external parties looking in. 

Unlike Google Analytics which uses your data to serve its advertising platform, Matomo users can safely use analytics without worrying about data being used for marketing or any other purposes.

Data ownership gives you the power to protect privacy

You’re in the driver’s seat with the power to decide what happens to your data, and to protect your user’s privacy. 

71% would stop doing business with a company for giving away their sensitive data without permission, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study. In order to get loyal customers who love your brand, it’s important to send the right signal that you respect your customers and protect their privacy.

By knowing exactly what happens to data and taking steps to protect privacy, you also won’t need to scare people off with a cookie and tracking consent banner

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"No matter whether we are working with granular or big-picture data, we always have confidence that we are making user-benefited decisions based on a complete data set. And having full control of our Matomo data is critical - we get to choose exactly how it's stored, managed and deleted."

How can we guarantee you 100% data ownership?​

Matomo On-Premise – gives you complete control. Once downloaded, you have 100% data ownership as Matomo is hosted on your own servers. You choose what happens to it and where you want your data stored. We have absolutely no way of gaining access to your data.

Matomo Analytics for WordPress – the Matomo for WordPress plugin is a hassle free, self-hosted option that gives you all the benefits of On-Premise, without the technical setup. If you own a WordPress website, you get full control over your own data, in a few clicks. It’s the ethical alternative to Google Analytics.

Matomo Cloud – when you choose Matomo Cloud, we acknowledge in our Terms that you own all rights, titles, and interest to your users’ data. We obtain no rights from you to your users data. This means we can’t on-sell it to third parties; we can’t claim ownership of it; and you can export your data at any time. (You can also migrate to On-Premise at any time.)

Earning people's trust​

Over 1 million website owners using Matomo in over 190 countries now have complete ownership of their own analytics data.

While Matomo’s products have grown, our values remain the same – advocating for 100% data ownership, respecting user-privacy, and encouraging people to stay secure. 

Something else that will never change is the right to freely self-host Matomo On-Premise. You will always be able to host Matomo Analytics on your own servers without having to pay for it.