Stop guessing why your website isn't converting

You see visitors dropping off, but analytics won’t tell you why. Fixing your customer journey shouldn’t be left to guesswork and the highest paid person’s opinion! Matomo’s analytics come with added insight tools to help you convert more.

See what your website visitors do

…while respecting their privacy with GDPR compliant analytics

Understand why you lose visitors

Included heatmaps show you where people click, and how far they scroll

Watch your website in action

Session recordings let you see first hand how your visitors experience your website

Trusted on over 1 million websites

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Traditional analytics isn't enough

Being able to see which pages people have been to, and how long they spent there is super valuable, but imagine if you could see exactly what they engaged with while on the page? 

  • How far down did they scroll? 
  • Which parts of your site are frustrating?
  • And which are just plain ignored?  

Stop wasting time with guesswork, and give yourself the tools to optimise your site quickly and effectively. 

Illustration of a person holding a briefcase and using a magnifying glass to look at a graph that has fallen into holes in the ground

A platform for complete user analytics

Illustration showing web pages with heatmaps

Heatmaps and session recordings for richer insights, included out-of-the-box

No sampled data

100% data ownership

Heatmaps and session recordings included - see where people click and where they drop off

Maximise your conversion rates by optimising your customer journeys and marketing campaigns

Unsampled, complete data, 100% owned by you

Customise your Matomo and your reporting to your needs

GDPR compliance is easy - your data is stored in the EU and never sold or shared

This is what ethically empowered insights feels like

From only £17 per month

Try Matomo free today

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Recognised as a leading global web analytics solution


4.8 out of 5 star


4.8 out of 5 star


4.8 out of 5 star

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Matomo’s data centre is located in Europe and strict privacy standards are in place. Read more in our DPA.