The leading Google Analytics alternative that keeps you GDPR compliant

The French and Austrian Data Protection Authorities have ruled Google Analytics illegal to use. The message is clear – get compliant or risk fines.

Join over 1 million Matomo users spending more time growing their business and less time stressing about compliance. 

No credit card required. 

Trusted by more than 1 million websites

European Commission uses Matomo Analytics
Empreiente Digital use Matomo
Ahrefs use Matomo
Ahrefs use Matomo

Matomo makes GDPR compliance easy

EU hosted web analytics

With Matomo Cloud, all of your data is securely stored in the EU and no data is transferred to the US.

Consent-free tracking

With cookieless tracking enabled, you can say goodbye to that annoying cookie consent screen.

100% data ownership

Your data is truly yours to own and unlike Google Analytics, the data is not used for other purposes like advertising.

No credit card required.

Migrating from Google Analytics to Matomo

Seamlessly switch from Google Analytics to Matomo

When Universal Analytics retires you will lose years of data. Join the 550,000+ companies that made the switch from GA to Matomo. We’ll import your historical data while staying GDPR. 

No credit card required.

All-in-one web analytics

Much more than a Google Analytics alternative

With Matomo, you get HeatmapsSession RecordingsA/B TestingTag Manager and much, much more all in one place.

No credit card required.

All-in-one web analytics

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