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If you’d like to know what’s next on our agenda, check out our roadmap for the future direction of Matomo (formerly Piwik). We aim to continue informing you about what’s coming up, listing what we plan to achieve in the short and long term. Our vision is for Matomo to continue being the leading open platform for analytics, giving you full control over your data.

Our roadmap

Get an idea about what we are planning on our public issue tracker on GitHub.

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If you are missing some functionality in Matomo (Piwik), need a particular bug to be fixed, or if you have custom requirements, you can sponsor the development of it. Fill in this form to get started!

Our vision for Matomo

Open platform

The Marketplace was officially launched for Matomo 2.0 in December 2013 and has continued to be a great source of creativity. The invitation remains open for all plugins developers and themes designers who want to build cool new stuff that’s featured on the Marketplace!

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To prevent bugs and ensure stable software, Matomo extensively uses automated tests. A large number of tests run automatically after each modification to the source code. Having so many tests in Matomo code base helps us to be agile and release new features regularly while ensuring that the existing features are always working.

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We are constantly working hard to ensure Matomo is a secure software platform. We have already conducted three proactive professional security audits. There have also been hundreds of professionally trained security experts who scrutinise our source code as part of our bug bounty programme.

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What is the future of Matomo?

Matthieu, Matomo (Piwik) founder, explains in a blog post the key values driving the Matomo project, and expands upon our goals and roadmap for both the short and long-term future.What is the future of Matomo (Piwik)?