Product Manager

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Product Manager who is passionate about building scalable web products and features that customers love. The ideal candidate is a natural problem solver, who has the ability to find opportunities through a constant focus on the user and is not afraid of technical complexity. You will be comfortable collaborating with multiple teams, have experience with complex technical requests and find a way to deliver value to users and the business.

As the Product Manager for the Matomo Core Team you will be responsible for our open-source Matomo platform. Delivering on an ambitious roadmap aligned with our product strategy and principles. You will work with the engineering team to improve the overall health of the product and will need to be comfortable prioritizing the value of highly technical changes with the value of product improvements. 

Our mission is to create, as a community, the leading open digital analytics platform that gives every user full control of their data, so they can grow their web projects, their business and succeed.

You will join an exciting fast-paced environment reporting to the Head of Product, working with the core engineering team, and UX Designer with support from the product team and Marketing.

What you will do

  • Identify opportunities to address user problems
  • Prioritise the work based on customer value, business impact and effort
  • Create an evidence based understanding of customer needs, evaluate the impact of your initiatives, and find the shortest path to achieve an outcome.
  • Work closely with the dev team to ensure clarity on the requirements and value
  • Work with the open-source community and our customer support team to continuously assess customer feedback and help with qualifying issues & feature requests
  • Build quarterly goals, roadmap and milestones for the core team aligned to company OKRs
  • Identify and fill product gaps in our offering, and generate new ideas that enable Matomo to grow
  • Contribute to the Product Team OKRs, including Product Operations to help improve how we create great product and an empowered product team
  • Create product briefs to guide the discovery and delivery of value for Matomo users – from defining the problem we wish to solve or insight we want to learn, and designing a clear and short path to get there.
  • Improve our refinement process to ensure it enables the team to work confidently and deliver great solutions to our users through mockups, user stories and a clear definition of done.
  • Work with the Product and Engineering teams to manage product life-cycle from concept to delivery
  • Work with the Marketing team to plan, drive and measure effective product launches
  • Become a Matomo expert


3+ years of work experience in a product management role OR 3+ years leading a technical product

You have experience

  • with data analytics and working in a high growth data driven environment
  • with web products and technologies, 
  • with usability and design methodologies 
  • with  building and growing a successful web product, from product discovery to agile development and delivery
  • working in multidisciplinary team; including designer, researcher and engineering


  • First Principles thinking – you focus on finding the best solution, and question every assumption
  • Ability stick with a difficult problem for an extended period
  • Strong problem solving and an ability to find opportunities through data and research
  • Employ or develop frameworks for objective and scalable decision making
  • Transparency – you are clear and honest about what you are capable of achieving, and clearly communicate when there are blockers in your way. 
  • Communication – you’re an exceptional communicator with both spoken and written English
  • Curiosity – you are endlessly curious about the problems we are solving for our customers, and strive to understand them deeply before jumping to conclusions
  • Passionate – You are passionate and have a strong drive to succeed
  • Team player – you love collaborating and learning from others
  • Natural leader – you can see the path forward and can clearly communicate the vision with your team, you love to develop your team and process and help bring out the best in people

Don’t tick all the boxes? We still encourage you to apply as we are looking for individuals to grow with the team, and promote a diverse, inclusive and empowering culture at Matomo.


  • 100% Remote work position
  • NZ based


  • A rewarding salary
  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours
  • 25 days of paid holidays per year plus your national public holidays
  • Co-working space paid for
  • All home office equipment paid for (laptop, desk, chair, standing desk, lights, etc.)
  • Immediate impact

About InnoCraft and Matomo Analytics

At InnoCraft, we offer analytics products and SaaS to enable our users to grow their business. We believe in openness, privacy and 100% data ownership. Our mission is to liberate analytics and we are passionate about measuring for success. That’s why we created Matomo Analytics, the leading open source analytics platform used on more than 1 million websites and apps in over 150 countries, available in more than 50 languages. The Matomo platform collects, stores and processes a lot of information: hundreds of millions of data points each month. We create intuitive, simple and beautiful reports that delight our users.

Come join our growing team that’s helping ensure a safer, more privacy focused web/internet!

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