Product Owner (B2B Saas, 100% Remote)

We are looking for an experienced Product Owner who is passionate about building web products and features that customers love. The ideal candidate is an excellent decision maker who can collaborate effectively with multiple teams and prioritise requests easily.

You will be the product owner of the Matomo open-source platform and products, and you will deliver an ambitious roadmap (established by Head of products, and aligned with our product vision, strategy and product principles), with clearly defined problems, solutions, and ultimately features for the product teams at Matomo to build.

Our mission is to to create, as a community, the leading open digital analytics platform, that gives every user full control of their data, so people can grow their web projects and their business and succeed.

You will join an exciting fast-paced environment and work closely with UX, Engineering, Head of Products and Chief Revenue Officer.

What you will do

  • Work with the open-source community and with our customer support teams, to continuously assess customer feedback on Matomo products and help with qualifying issues & feature requests

  • Regularly speak to our customers and the market to have evidence based understanding of customer needs, pains and gains

  • Identify and fill product gaps in our offering, and generate new ideas that enable Matomo to grow

  • Communicates the voice of the customer to the development team

  • Prioritise backlog of issues and activities based on business and customer impact and our product strategy and roadmap to ensure that the development team is clear on what to work on next

  • Prepare Quarterly milestones for development teams aligned to company objectives & OKR, and plan & spec work

  • Create the “spec” for every new issue – from clearly defining the problem we wish to solve, all the way to a clear breakdown of the functionality we intend to implement

  • Evaluate the impact on engineering and work out trade-offs with the Engineering team. For example, finding alternatives with similar impact that minimise engineering time

  • Own and improve our “spec” process – to ensure it enables our team to work on issues & features confidently, and ultimately delivers great solutions to our customers at a relentless pace

  • Work closely with UX expert and the engineering team to manage product life-cycle from concept to delivery

  • Attend scrum meetings to ensure that development work is aligned with the roadmap and milestones

  • Work with the Marketing team to plan and drive product launches

  • Become a Matomo expert


  • You have 3+ years of work experience in a product management role (or 3+ years working closely with an experienced Product Owner and/or Product Manager)

  • You are a technical focused product owner

  • You have a solid understanding of web products and technologies, usability and design

  • You rock at managing all aspects of a successful web product throughout its lifecycle: from product discovery to agile development and delivery

  • You are passionate about data analytics and have deep analytical thinking

  • You have worked in a fast-paced environment with multiple projects and deadlines before


  • Decision making – you thrive on making difficult decisions, and know how to weigh up many factors to make decisions with the bigger picture in mind

  • Proactivity – you don’t wait for instructions. You realise the importance of speed and the cost of waiting. You’re able to prioritise effectively and problem solve quickly

  • Transparency – you are clear and honest about what you are capable of achieving, and clearly communicate when there are blockers in your way

  • Communication – you’re an exceptional communicator with both spoken and written English

  • Curiosity – you are endlessly curious about the problems we are solving for our customers, and strive to understand them deeply before jumping to conclusions

  • Passionate – You are passionate and have a strong drive to succeed

*Don’t tick all the boxes? We still encourage you to apply as we are looking for individuals to grow with the team, and promote a diverse, inclusive and empowering culture at Matomo.


  • 100% Remote work position

  • Must be within 4 hours of New Zealand time zone (NZST)


  • Opportunity to work in a customer obsessed business, dedicated to building high-quality open-source software with a strong mission of helping people grow their web projects while keeping full control of their data

  • Opportunity to have a huge impact, driving product changes that will impact thousands of customers

  • Potential for growth and progression into a Head of Product role

  • Remote work (save many hours on commute, and save money)

  • Flexible hours

  • Co-working space paid for and/or work from home

  • All home office equipment paid for (laptop, desk, chair, standing desk, lights, etc.)

  • 25 days of paid holidays per year plus your national public holidays

  • A huge “playground” to grow your skill set

About InnoCraft and Matomo Analytics

At InnoCraft, we offer analytics products and SaaS to enable our users to grow their business. We believe in openness, privacy and 100% data ownership. Our mission is to liberate analytics, and we are passionate about measuring for success. That’s why we created Matomo Analytics, the leading open-source analytics platform used on more than 1 million websites and apps in over 150 countries, available in more than 50 languages. The Matomo platform collects, stores and processes a lot of information: hundreds of millions of data points each month. We create intuitive, simple and beautiful reports that delight our users.

We hire based on your ability to get the job done. At the same time we are proactive in making InnoCraft an inclusive work environment across race, gender, age, religion and identity. We celebrate the things that make you, you!

Come join our growing team that’s helping ensure a safer, more privacy-focused web/internet!

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